Logo Design for Amethyst App.

Amethyst brings the best decentralized social network to your Android phone. Just insert your Nostr private key and start posting.

Nostr is the most decentralized social network on the internet. Instead of a single website, it’s a network of thousands of users posting to each other’s relay servers that can all interact with one another, seamlessly.

Creator: Vitor F. Pamplona.

Download it on Google Play.

Brand & Web Design for

Turn AI into Assets. Train. Apply. Own.

  • Deploy bespoke AI/ML algorithms to cater to your users unique needs.
  • Train AI/ML models locally without exposing users data.
  • Provide users with the ability to own their algorithms.
  • Facilitate the exchange and trading of their AI/ML assets.

Check it on Github.

Logo Design for

Yet Another Nostr Application.

Sovereignty, Technology, Easy.

Navigate new frontiers of digital communication with Yana – Nostr App as versatile as your needs.

Creator: Fmar

Download for Android, iOS & Linux.

Logo Design for Michigan Bitcoin Meetup.

Michigan Bitcoiners is a local community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts committed to help connect those interested in bitcoin and associated technologies.

Organized bt Drew Harrison and 10 others.

Check the meetup Public Group & Follow on Twitter!

Logo Design for Cripto Flex.

CriptoFlex is a Portuguese company dedicated to sharing knowledge about Cryptocurrencies, Personal Finance, Investments and Economy.

Founder: Carlos Silva & Rita Silva.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Logo Design for: Alex Crypto.

A professor’s YouTube channel where he helps with technical analysis on the cryptocurrency market, news and global trends.

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Logo Design for Bitcoin Filmfest 2024.

All Bitcoin movies here. Filmmakers, cinema fans, movie producers & investors.

Immerse in Bitcoin Film industry with Bitcoin FilmFest, orangepill & chill.

The Bitcoin Film Festival 2024 (BFF’24) is part of the Eureopan Halving Party

Check it on Primal profile.