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8 Skateboard wheel bearings.

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Width10cm x 10cm x 10cm

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Product benefits:

Improved surfaces for minimal friction.


Deep grooves to guide and protect balls from impacts.

Ease of maintenance / cleaning:

Easy to clean thanks to removable flanges that protect from dust.


Technical information:

Why are these bearings specially designed for skateboarding?

All components of a skateboard must meet very high demands and the bearings are exposed to impacts and dirt on a daily basis. Our bearings were developed based on these requirements and are therefore more resistant. For cleaning and long-term maintenance of the bearings, there is a removable flange on each side.
Bearings are standardized and fit all types of skateboard and longboard wheels.

How to maintain bearings?

After rolling in water, in powder:
Remove the wheel bearings with the help of the trucks so as not to damage them; then carefully remove the flanges without bending them.
Place the bearings in a container and add cleaning fluid (acetone or oil thinner).
Dry the bearings on a suitable surface.
Once dry, lubricate them with oil.
Finally, replace the flanges and check the fit before refitting the bearings to the wheels.

How to mount the bearings?

Mounting the bearings does not require any equipment.

Place the bearing on the axle of the trucks and press the wheel onto the axle until the bearing fits into the correct location on the wheel. Evenly press the wheel, so as not to twist the bearing on the wheel. Do the same procedure for the second bearing, on the other side of the wheel.
As the bearings have flanges on both sides, they can be installed in either direction.

How to maintain bearings?

Bearings are made up of metal parts, which are sensitive to rust. So, avoid skating on wet ground. If rusted, their cleaning and lubrication are still possible, but they do not guarantee the recovery of the initial glide quality of the bearings.

Composition / Advice:

Product composition:

Bearing 100% Steel.

Sports Council:

Preferably leave them in place on your skateboard.